The iasoLab™ is a diagnostic instrument based in a sophisticated nanotechnology that enables easy diagnosis of infectious diseases through sensing molecule dispersion in organic fluids by a beam of light. IasoTek, LLC is in a unique position to add value to this technology by broadening the utility of the device for other applications after this device is well into the development phase.

The iasoLab™ will target emerging markets in developing nations with infectious diseases, with particular attention to endemic Dengue fever, to guide treatment and other interventions that can avoid disease spread and birth defects. The following briefly describes the need for such a device and IasoTek’s management team.

The iasoLab™ is a unique product design based upon a minimally invasive diagnostic paradigm that uses a patient’s sample as part of the diagnostic instrument in order to drastically reduce cost and speed detection of specific and general biomarkers.

It is an example of frugal innovation, which is becoming a popular paradigm for developing products in emerging markets. IasoTek’s competitive advantages include: quantitative reading rather than subjective interpretation of data, results in less than 2 minutes, ease of use, and low cost.

Arizona Technology Enterprises (AZTE) affiliated with Arizona State University completed the initial patent search and has fully endorsed the iasoLab™ technology. Additionally, IasoTek is developing sample-handling methods and is working with medical personnel at several locations in order to develop clinically relevant data. IasoTek is currently in the process of testing a third laboratory prototype which is handheld, portable, measures 15 cm x 10 cm x 8 cm, and weighs 0.6 kg. The final commercial product is expected to be significantly smaller and lighter than the current prototype.

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