Mobile Health Nanotechnology
We develop biotechnology that radically reduces costs of diagnostics and therapeutics in the healthcare industry.

Our strategy combines the identification, processing and deliverance of both meteorological and vertebrate host data that may facilitate accurate prediction of virus fluctuations and outbreaks; also, our system allows a quick, early diagnose of patients already contaminated, to treat them swiftly.

Our system is 100% online and mobile; therefore, it does not need the presence of a physician on the spot of service delivery. A proprietary nanoparticle test kit has been developed that can be kept without refrigeration, is ready for immediate use for at least 2 months, produce consistent results, and is shipped to Panama without a cold chain. The kit also indicates visually, before use, when it has lost some of its sensitivity making it easier for the operator to have confidence in the results. 

Our Mission

We improve health for all populations. To do this, we create, develop, and commercialize technology, which radically improves the performance of existing products as well as develop new products and markets in the biomedical and biotechnology industries. In so doing, we provide exceptional value to our partners, customers, and shareholders by reducing costs of diagnostics and therapeutics. 

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