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IasoTek, LLC was incorporated in 2011 in the State of Florida, as a spin-off company of Arizona Technological Enterprises (AZTE).

The President of the company is Marianella Morales, Esq. She is managing partner at Econlex Corp LLC, a Florida based international development consulting firm, with a business focus in Latin America and other emerging markets. He is responsible for advancing the company's mission and objectives. Ms. Morales is an attorney with an extensive international career of legal advisory services throughout Latin America and the United States. In addition to her managing duties, she is responsible for handling the company's legal filings. Her experience is focused in international business, taxation, commerce, and securities.

P.A. Dr. Antonio A, Garcia, Foundation Professor of Bioengineering at Arizona State University is the Chief Engineer and Operating Officer. For the past 20 years, Dr. Garcia has been a professor of Bioengineering at Arizona State University and has 5 years of industrial experience. He along with his Chemistry Professor colleague Dr. Mujica will manage the R&D effort. Dr. Garcia will also oversee company operations in relation to prototype development and product design. 

Dr. Vladimiro Mujica, Professor of Chemistry at Arizona State University, is the Chief Scientist. Dr. Mujica will also coordinate the clinical development using his vast medical contacts in Latin America. As investment is secured, the company will grow with professional help in clinical testing, engineering design, manufacturing, marketing, and finance in order to meet the needs during start-up.

Dr. Luis Nunez, A former IMSA Board Chairman, Dr. Núñez was a chemist at Argonne National Laboratory. His Argonne career included leading research and development efforts in the areas of nanotechnology, material sciences, physics, higher energy physics, mathematics and computing sciences, biosciences, the Rare Isotope Accelerator Initiative and educational programs. Trustee Núñez also assisted the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) with the development of a new nuclear reactor research and development program while on assignment as a Staff Scientist.


Iasotek LLC is partnering with Arizona Technology Enterprises (AzTE), the management and technology transfer organization for Arizona State University (ASU). Iasotek's role in this strategic alliance is to act, as the exclusive licensee of the technology developed at the ASU, to speed the flow of innovation from research laboratory to the marketplace.

Our clients are governments in developing countries seeking to drastically reduce the costs of implementing health policymaking, through better collection and information processing about epidemic outbursts.

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